Download Chartbeat for Android

The Chartbeat app for Android makes it easy to monitor your site's traffic and trending pages anywhere you go. Whether you’re at your desk, in the field, or otherwise on the move, download the mobile app to understand engagement with your content as it’s read and consumed across the web. 

  • See your site’s top-performing stories and share them with your colleagues
  • View key site and visitor metrics, including engaged time, recirculation, and social referral percent
  • Dig into a particular section, author, traffic source, or referrer using flexible filters
  • Benchmark site performance and traffic patterns with week-over-week comparison graphs


Step 1: Download the Chartbeat app

  1. Find Chartbeat in the Google Play store.
  2. Tap Install.
  3. Tap the Chartbeat icon to launch the app.


Step 2: Sign in

Once you've installed the Chartbeat app, sign in to your user account to get started with Chartbeat traffic monitoring on the go!



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