Guide to Reports


Start each day with relevant site, section, and author data through recurring email reports containing unique auto-generated insights fueled by Chartbeat data science. Reports include visualizations and automated insights from your engagement data in an easy-to-digest email format. Quickly see and explore the vital patterns and correlations that inform your business decisions.

  1. Report Templates
  2. Main Metrics
  3. Automated Insights
  4. Engagement Trend
  5. Top Stories


Report Templates

Site Report
High-level site overview of the previous day’s numbers.

Section Report
A look at an individual section's performance.

Author Report
Stories’ performance, filtered by byline.


Main Metrics

Engaged Minutes displays the total number of engaged minutes that all visitors spent actively interacting with the given site, section, or author's content for the previous day.

Pageviews, defined as the total number of pages viewed for the given site, section, or author.

Avg. Engaged Time displays the average time in seconds visitors are spending actively interacting with your content: including scrolls, clicks, mouse movements, touch events, and keystrokes. We track reader activity every second and report engagement stats back to our servers every 15 seconds, through the Chartbeat JS that is deployed when our code loads. Historical Avg Engaged Time is equal to Total Engaged Minutes divided by Pageviews.


Automated Insights

Every daily report features a Yesterday's insights section, highlighting noteworthy insights on yesterday's audience, including traffic & referrer trends, high performing stories, and more.


Engagement Trend

Reports also include an engaged minute trendline throughout the day for your sites, sections, and top performing stories in your author reports. You can find your engaged minutes broken out by traffic source in this section as well.


Top Stories

Site & Section Reports both include a list of your top 10 stories by total engaged time. View total engaged minutes, pageviews, and average engaged time for each of your top performing articles, alongside publish date & time and author name. Each page title is linked directly to a page detail view in our Historical Dashboard to dive deeper on your traffic data for a particular story and better understand your content's reach by traffic source, visitor loyalty type, and device type. 

Top stories are also included in our Author Reports with even more detail, including:

  • All-time engaged minutes, pageviews & average engaged time for stories that were published prior to yesterday
  • Engagement trend lines for each story
  • Top off-site social posts by total interactions (likes, shares, retweets, etc), powered by CrowdTangle

Look for our insight badges like 'High Social' or 'Low Mobile' in your list of top stories. Insight badges specifically compare traffic and engagement for different segments (social, mobile, search, etc.) in the previous time period to the current time period-- same day last week for daily reports. If it's a Tuesday, and one of yesterday's stories saw engagement that falls above the 90th percentile for your top stories on Monday of the previous week, we call that out with a "High" insight badge in your Site Report. If another story saw engagement below the 10th percentile, we call that out with a "Low" badge. 



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