Manage your Chartbeat email subscriptions

There are a few different places in our product that a user can subscribe to emails. Here are the types of emails you'll might receive from us, and steps to adjust your Chartbeat email subscriptions. If you've followed all of the steps below to adjust your email preferences and you're still receiving Chartbeat emails that you would like disabled, let us know at


Marketing emails

As an active Chartbeat user, you will occasionally receive updates from our Marketing team like our Data Digest newsletter keeping you informed about what our team is working on and new product announcements.

To manage your email subscriptions to our marketing lists, head to our unsubscribe page to update your preferences or unsubscribe from all emails.


Alert emails

To manage your traffic alerts:

  1. Hover over the profile icon in the upper right corner of your screen, signed in to
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Click to the Alerts page in the left hand nav menu.
  4. Under the 'Manage Alerts' section, you'll find your existing subscriptions to Spike or 30-day High alerts. You can Edit or Delete your existing alerts from this page, or subscribe to new alerts via email, text or Slack. 


Email Reports

Our Reports tool allows users to subscribe to daily performance reports for particular Sites, Authors, or Sections within your account. To manage your Reports subscription: 

  1. Signed in to Chartbeat, navigate to our Reports page under the Reporting menu in the far-left nav (see screenshot below).
  2. Under the 'Your Reports' section, you can cancel your existing Report subscriptions by clicking the trash icon next to the 'View Reports' button for each individual subscription.

Screen_Shot_2019-02-12_at_2.53.03_PM.png            Screen_Shot_2019-02-12_at_2.56.18_PM.png


Recurring Query emails

For users with access to our Advanced Queries tool, they will automatically receive email notifications for any Saved Recurring queries each time a new report becomes available. To delete a Recurring query:

  1. Navigate to the Advanced Queries page Reporting menu in the far-left nav (see screenshot below).
  2. Select Saved queries, then Recurring
  3. Find the Delete option by clicking the [ ] menu button available for each of your saved queries.
  4. Click Delete from this menu.

Screen_Shot_2019-02-12_at_3.07.12_PM.png            Screen_Shot_2019-02-12_at_3.05.38_PM.png



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