Changing your domain name

If you are changing your domain name, (from say to there's a few questions you should ask first. 

1) Do you want to keep all of the Chartbeat data from your old domain active? 

- If you would like to keep all of the data from the Daily Content Perspective and Weekly Audience Perspective, you would just need to implement the same code from the old domain to the new domain.

-Also, ensure that the Section and Author logic is consistent with what you would like to populate in the new domain. 

2) If you don't care about your old domain, 

-In your Chartbeat configuration, you would need to change the domain variable so that it reflects the new domain.  See the example below:

_sf_async_config.domain =;

Once you've made the change, activate your new site, by signing into your account and visiting this page:

Here are some ways to get in touch.