Slack Integration

The Chartbeat Slack integration makes it impossible for newsroom teams to not be connected to their content’s performance across all their communication platforms. After you connect your company’s Slack with your Chartbeat Publishing account, you’ll start receiving updates and alerts as they happen and be able to use unique Chartbeat slash commands to ask real-time questions about your content's performance.


How to Set it Up

If you are the Account Owner, you’ll be able to set up the integration. If you’re not sure who the account owner is at your organization, drop a note to your Customer Success Manager or to the Chartcorps team at, and they’ll be able to help you out.

If you’re the account owner, first head over to the new Integrations tab in your Settings page at




Then, select the integration button under the Slack icon and you’ll be redirected to the Slack page and guided through the process. Essentially, you’ll be prompted to enter or confirm your company’s Slack credentials and Slack will take care of the rest.


How to Use it

Once the Account Owner enables the integration, each individual login can create notification rules and be able to use slash commands to get specific Chartbeat information posted directly into Slack channels.



Teams can be notified when:

  • a spike alert goes off
  • a Report Builder report completes
  • (Coming soon) an Engaged Headline Test completes — with winner information


Slash Commands

Use the slash command /chartbeat to get traffic updates directly from Chartbeat. If you’re not familiar with Slack’s slash commands, check out Slack’s support doc.

The basic structure for the /chartbeat command is as follows, but is completely customizable to reflect your site’s unique sections, authors, and more:


/chartbeat METRIC on HOST where FILTER is FILTER_VALUE


Some examples would be:

/chartbeat what are the top pages on

/chartbeat how many people are currently on

/chartbeat how much traffic is on stories where section is business

/chartbeat how much traffic on was referrered by

/chartbeat how much traffic on is from social sources

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