Advanced Queries data retention policy


How far back does the data in Advanced Queries go for my site?



We begin saving all traffic data from the moment the Advanced Queries add-on tool is enabled for each of your sites. Most of our service agreements include a 13-month data retention policy for Advanced Queries, but we will only drop a site's historical data completely if a customer requests this. This means that if your site has been enabled with Advanced Queries for over a year, you will always have access to at least the previous 13 months of your site's data via this service, but some of our long-time partners may find that there are several years of site data available to query.

We do not currently expose within our platform the data start date for each of our partner sites. You can glean this by running a new query with a row for each calendar day that returns total daily pageviews for your site, selecting a start date as far back as January 1st, 2012 (or the earliest possible date you expect to have Chartbeat data available), and an end date of the current day. The first row in the resulting CSV will show you the first day with recorded data for your site in our Advanced Queries database.

Use the below URL to load this query template in our query interface, then select a start and end date as described above using the calendar drop down date picker.

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