Advanced Queries overview

Chartbeat's Advanced Queries is a historical database designed so that analysts and researchers can create and distribute custom reports. Queries are generated by a combination of metric, filter, and group parameters, which allow for extremely flexible access to our historical data. Queries are returned in CSV format, and either downloaded directly into your browser or sent via email when they're ready.

In order to create a query you first need to specify the required parameters, including the type of report, the host domain, and the date range you want to pull data for.

Once you enter the required parameters, you can begin building your query: select metrics (the data points you want), filters (a value to specify metric results), and groups (to order results) to request the specific data points you need, as well as exactly how the report is organized. 

Ready to get started building queries? Reach out to your Customer Success Manager and they'll help you get up and running. Don't know who that is? Reach out to the Chartcorps and we'll connect you with the right person. 

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