Help! I’m seeing an error!

What’s that? You’re trying to set all of your Chartbeat settings the way you like them and you got an error? If it was one of these- there’s a pretty easy solution!


100 Error: Invalid Action while adding a Dashboard. This happens when someone who isn’t the Account Owner is trying to add a Dashboard to their Chartbeat account. Reach out to your account’s head admin and they can do it no problem. 
202 Error: Not receiving pings. For one reason or another the site is not pinging Chartbeat so we do not allow the user to add a dashboard. To fix this, troubleshoot the site to make sure it’s pinging towards the domain name exactly as you have typed it and exactly as it shows up in their code.
500 Error: Referrer data required. A 500 error it is not truly an error, but an internal way for Chartbeat to signal the client side JavaScript to resend all information. This can be necessary when network packages get lost between the user's browser and Chartbeat's systems.

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