Help! I’m seeing a drop in traffic

Your traffic for a site on Chartbeat has dropped, but has not disappeared altogether. Also, other analytics services for this same site remain steady and unchanged. There are a few reasons why we usually see this happen:
  • Have you redesigned your site recently?
  • Have you implemented any new features (especially ads or interactive related scripts) which may be slowing down our script from loading?
  • Have you removed, or changed the positioning of Chartbeat code on your site?

Essentially Chartbeat will not account for any concurrents until the person visiting the site has fully loaded the page (and thus fully loaded our script, which kicks in our pinger at the end of your page load).  If this process slows down, we may not be accounting for users who visit your site quickly, before the pinger kicks in, and leave. 

Some ways to fix this would be to load our script outside of window.onload or to move our script up in the order in which your scripts loads. Please be advised that anything else loading in the window.onload function may interrupt ours, and that Chartbeat itself takes time to load, so moving it upwards may slow down other scripts slightly.
Hope this helps to explain the changes!

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