Help! I’m seeing a drop in traffic

If you’re seeing a sudden drop in your site’s traffic, but other analytics services are reporting normally, there’s probably something blocking your Chartbeat code from reporting on certain pages.

*Have you redesigned your site recently?
*Have you implemented any new features (especially ads or interactive related scripts) which may be *slowing down our script from loading?
*Have you removed, or changed the positioning of Chartbeat code on your site?

To check to make sure that a page is pinging normally, first open your browser’s dev tools and select the Network tab and you’ll see a list of all the calls your browser has made since the page loaded:

Select the filter icon and search ‘chartbeat’ to see just calls made by Chartbeat code.

zd_macro_devtools.pngIf you are seeing Chartbeat pings on your page, there are a couple more big things to consider:

Are pings coming in from the mobile and tablet versions of your site? You can emulate various devices ( in the Dev Tools to make sure all of your audience is being served pages with code on them

Are you seeing the same ping activity from all subdomains or international domains?

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