My browser keeps freezing

Let's say you're running a Dashboard or a Lab in a browser for your whole team to see- the only problem is that the longer you do so, it starts to freeze and glitch. What's Chartbeat doing? 

Nothing. It's not a bug- all browsers start to slow down if you're running something that's constantly making calls to an outside server. Because your Chartbeat Dashboard is constantly making new calls to our system to give your real-time data, if you just leave it running in your browser it will start to slow down. Same goes for the Big Board and all our other projects. 
What's the solution? Just refresh the browser. What could be easier? 
Well actually, there are different auto-refresh extensions that you can install so your browser will automatically refresh after a certain period of time. We love Chrome so we found one that our clients have had a lot of success with, but there are definitely other ones you could check out. 
Or if you're using the Big Board, there's actually an auto-refresh option built in!

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