Adding a site for Chartbeat Publishing Dashboard

Did you receive a message saying your site has not received any pings? Here are some reasons for the "No Pings" warning:
Have you made an error while copying and pasting?
Please make sure that nothing has been split between two lines and that nothing extra has been introduced.  Ensure that the code’s syntax is correct as well.  Any missing and/or extra brackets or semicolons can make all the difference in whether the code works or not.  These issues often occur when code is incorrectly pasted or extracted from an email, so be careful there!  It may be the case that a developer on your side can spot and fix these problems quickly.
Is there an unrelated Javascript error?
If there is an error in your browser's Javascript console, this may be preventing our very-conservative loading process from starting. Try to fix the error or contact us for alternative loading code.  After correcting the code, make sure you visit your site or refresh your browser (to ensure everything loads correctly).  

Here are some ways to get in touch.