Implementing Chartbeat code

This is a guide to walk you through adding Chartbeat javascript to your domain. It's important to note that you must be the owner of the Chartbeat account in order to add a dashboard to the overall account.
Once signed into your Chartbeat account and click on Add Site Dashboard
Step 1: Type in the your domain. Don’t forget you don’t need the “www” before the domain.
Step 2: Head over to your site and access the HTML then copy and paste the code generated below. Remember to put the first line of Chartbeat javascript after the opening <head> tag!
Step 3: Click the Activate button
Step 4: If the code is implemented correctly onto your site, it should begin pinging our servers, and a dashboard should generate.
Step 5: Once you click on “Go to the dashboard” the screen will pivot to your brand spankin’ new dashboard.

If you're using Chartbeat Publishing, head over here and we'll guide you through adding code to your site. Feel free to write into if there are any technical difficulties or if you'd just like to chat - we love that too!

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