Understanding the difference between concurrents and pageviews

At Chartbeat, we measure in concurrents – the number of active browser visits on a site at a given time. Concurrents take into account both how many people visit a site and how long they stick around. What does that mean exactly? Imagine that one new user comes to your site every second for a period of 10 seconds. If each of those ten people bounces immediately, then there’s always just one user on your site (the one who came that specific second), so we’d measure one concurrent. If each person stays for a whole minute, though, there are 10 users on your site after 10 seconds, so we’d measure 10 concurrents. In both of these scenarios, the number of page views would be the same – ten page views– regardless of whether the visitors left immediately or stuck around.
Chartbeat gives you concurrent visitors, which gives you a lot more information about how people actually use your site. The internet happens in real-time, and we think that’s the best way to view it. 

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