Connecting Facebook and Twitter to the Chartbeat dashboard

Update, Nov 2017: This feature is no longer supported in Chartbeat for Everyone Dashboards following deprecation of the APIs provided by Facebook and Twitter.
After you click activate you’ll be brought to Facebook (you’ll need to sign in if you’re not already) and you’ll see this window:
Important: Please ensure that you are logged into the correct Facebook account before proceeding...
Chartbeat will never post on your timeline, but feel free to set these privacy settings as you see fit, then click “Go to App”. Next you’ll see this window:
Chartbeat will pull information from the Pages listed here into your Social dashboard. Click “Allow” to finish up and head back to your Chartbeat Dashboard.
Super Important: If you’ve got multiple pages listed on this screen (as above), you’ll want to setup a separate Facebook account that only has admin privileges to the page you want to connect to Chartbeat. Unfortunately we are (at the moment) unable to parse the data between your pages, so if you’ve got more than one listed here share and like data from all your pages will be aggregated and sent to Chartbeat. 
If you’re already logged in to your Twitter account, just click Activate and you’re all set. If not, you’ll be shown this page:
Just input your Username and Password and click “Sign In” -- then you’re good to go!

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