What makes Chartbeat Publishing unique?

Chartbeat Publishing was born and bred with an editorial team in mind.  The platform presents easy-to-digest real-time data for newsrooms and other content publishers, large and small.  With this easily consumable information, you can understand what's happening on your site at this moment, not what happened yesterday or last week, like historical analytics services.  True to our name, we are translating the “beats” of information sent from readers on your site to your dashboard, which we receive via “pings” every 15 seconds.  The dashboard updates every few seconds, so that you can take action off of these insights, as they are happening.  News travels fast, and you can too.

But what makes Chartbeat Publishing technically different?  For one thing, it truly is as real-time as it gets.  If you want to compare Chartbeat Publishing’s real-time numbers to Google Analytics’ metrics, check out this infographic.

You are a site that is producing content on a daily basis, and you need to know who is actually reading your content!  Therefore we have developed metrics around engaged time to pinpoint how much time visitors are actually spending interacting with your content, and what they pay attention to, versus what they ignore.  Add our measure of active visitors to this, and you have a one-two punch that will knock out any concerns as to how many people are on an article page right now, and whether or not they are actually reading the article that you think is a hit (don’t worry, we’re sure it is!). We’ll even break it down to show you what traffic sources brought them in, and where they traveled to next within the confines of your site, among other things you’re burning to know.  No more guessing here.

All our publishing metrics are backed by data scientists and UX experts here at Chartbeat, who seek to understand publishing workflow, and how data really fit into your busy day.  We’ve created an entire out suite of data products to work across the different needs and functions of your team.  

Our Daily Content Perspective is a daily report, automatically generated at the end of each day, providing you with a metrics-based overview of your site’s day. The report gives you need-to-know takeaways about opportunities and useful facts on the top content of the previous day.  

Our Heads Up Display stands alone in the field of analytics as a unique, in-browser tool which presents Chartbeat metrics overlaid on your page. This tool ranks the highest performing links by click activity as well as how these links are performing compared to past links in their position.  This is especially useful for a homepage editor.  

Our Historical Dashboard enhances your real-time Chartbeat dashboard with a deeper perspective: a historical view of your data. Side-by-side with the real-time dashboard view you know and love, the historical view allows you to dig deeper into your data to improve long-term strategies. It gives everyone in your newsroom an intuitive way to evaluate success, content performance, and editorial KPIs over time with easy-to-read reporting.    

Finally, we have created a series of alerts that you can manage, to inform you by email, text or iPhone push notification of content on your site that may go viral to fit with your on-the-go lifestyle.

It’s all about creating an environment of data which serves to support you, the online publisher, in your efforts to attract and build a loyal audience.  Chartbeat Publishing stands alone because we are focused on front-line, doers, not those who produce, watch, and react later.

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