Chartbeat: Rising

What it is: Chartbeat Rising is a hack project built by Chartbeat data scientists and design engineers. We were curious to see the rising (and falling) topics across the internet in real time, and figured you might be too. Whether you check it once a day or keep it on a big monitor for the whole team to watch, you can instantly see what's going on around the web- and whether anything's relevant to you. 
How to get it: After logging into Chartbeat, head to and click on the "Try it" button below the "Rising" box. Couldn't be easier. 
How it works: We anonymize and aggregate content across thousands of sites across the Chartbeat Universe in over 30 countries (six continents, if you’re counting) and show them to you here grouped by topic and site category. See what's trending across entertainment, technology, and news. You can even customize it to rank topics by concurrents or engagement so you can not only see what's popular but what's grabbing and holding peoples' attention across the web. 

Here are some ways to get in touch.