Understanding Engaged Time

The amount of time people have your site open is interesting, but what you really want is to keep their eyeballs on the page – that’s what we consider “engaged” time. Engaged minutes tell you how long people are spending reading or writing on your site – the time they’re actually spending using it - which we gauge based on mouse and keyboard activity. We give you both the total engaged time (the amount of time that all users have spent engaged in a day) and the average engaged time (the average amount of time people spend on your site when they visit).

Engaged Time Today
We add up all of the engaged seconds from all of the users on your site and show you how many days, weeks, months those seconds add to. Hover on the bars to see how your Engaged Time Today compares to this day or week over the past four consecutive weeks. As the day goes on, the dark green will fill the bars so you can see how you stack up!

Average Engaged Time
The small number under the dial shows you the averaged time users have spent engaged in your content. Click through to the page level and see how a specific page compares to the overall average. 
So why is this important? Engagement time is important because it actively shows you the average time the people on your site are actively interacting with your content.
If engagement time is lower than you think it should be add some interesting graphics or pull an attention grabbing quote. Low engagement time could be just a formatting issue. Maybe the block of words on your page is daunting and adding a graphic or video will draw people in. Play around with these ideas and see how that impacts your engagement time!

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