The speed of your site

User Page Load
User Page load is the average amount of time it takes for your user to load your pages across your site. At the page level view, it is the average amount of time it take users to load that specific page. 
It is calculated by timing the two pieces of Chartbeat javascript on the site. This means it includes all the Javascript and embedded items you have on the page and tells you how long it's taking to load on the user's browser. We feel this gives you the most accurate data on your users load experience.
When you’re experiencing a burst of traffic the worst possible outcome is your page loading too slowly for all of these people to actually see it. Chartbeat’s page load time can keep you informed. Clicking on any page will show how long it’s taking for your visitors to load the content. If this number is high there’s a good chance people will lose interest. Before it becomes a problem go to the page and see what you can remove. Do you have a big video on the page? A large image? Some unnecessary flash elements? If so get rid of them. It’s better to get people on a stripped down version of the page if the other option is keeping from getting them on the page at all.

Server Load Time
How long it takes to deliver your page to a browser after a user has requested it.
So how low can you go? Lower numbers are always better, but the little icons should give you an indication of how rocket-fast or snail-slow you are.
We use 5 icons to show you how quickly (or slowly) your load times are. If the difference doesn’t make sense to you, don’t worry about it – you just want these to be fast, because having a slow site is like running a restaurant that serves cold food. The icons are a rocket (blazing fast), hummingbird (fast), human (normal), snail (slow), and an exclamation/error (needs attention).

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