A breakdown of the Geo View

A visualization of each person who has visited your site recently. A new pin = a new visitor in that area of the world. Click on a pin to see the page they're visiting. See where the majority of your readers are coming from. Is it was you expected? Does it change depending on the time of day? Hit the + or - signs to zoom in and out of the works. You can move the map to different parts by clicking and holding and moving the correct portion of the map into view.

If you love this view, check out the Around the World view on our labs page.

Visitor Stream
The incoming flow of your visitors - the page they're on and where they're sitting right now. It's the fastest way to know if you're a huge hit in Munich all of a sudden. Click on any of the pages coming up on this stream and it will take you to that specific page on your website.

Country and State Breakdown
The percentage of visitors hitting your site from different countries across the globe and states within the United States.

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