Where Video meets Content

We know that videos and written content don’t exist separately, they’re used together to fully engage with the audience. If you’re looking to understand a little more deeply how your videos and your content are working together, our Video Dashboard has got you covered. 

Context: Top pages with this video

Unlike written content, which tends to be on a single page, a video can be embedded in a lot of different places – multiple articles pages, the homepage, video-specific pages, or even on other people’s sites. When you click on a video in the Chartbeat Publishing Video Dashboard, you can see where that video is getting watched the most and compare performance metrics across all of those pages.

Opportunities: Top pages without video

Knowing where a video is doing well is important, but what about where your video could be doing well? Because we look at your site holistically, rather than just your video content, we can highlight your best-performing articles that don’t have videos. Treat those as opportunities – places you might consider for video embeds.

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