Daily Video Perspective: Deep Dive

What it’s all about

The Daily Video Perspective is an overall summary of how well your video content performed the day before.  
This Perspective Report will rank your top 20 videos by either total watched time or total video starts. We also let you know how your video performed on each of the pages it's posted on, so you can see where it shined and where it fell flat. Underneath the thumbnail you'll be able to see the average playrate and the average engaged content minutes for that video.
The summary tab shows you total engaged content minutes, total starts, and concurrent traffic throughout the day. Rely on the bar graphs to help you see patterns in your site-wide video performance over time.  
Not sure what these metrics are? Open up your Daily Video Perspective and hover over metric names for more information.

Choosing a day 

To check out your past Daily Video Perspectives use the date picker to go back or simply use the calendar box to jump to a specific day. 
  1. Each video entry shows you its total content engaged minutes- the time visitors spent actually watching the content, not ads
  2. The number to the right tells you how many times that day the video was started
  3. Under “Appears On” you can see metrics for each page that video appears 
  4. Under the thumbnail you’ll find the percentage of times the video played after it was loaded 
  5. and on average, how much of the video content viewers watched
  6. Finally, get a summary of your overall engaged minutes and playrate

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