Total Engaged Minutes: First Page vs. Subsequent

The middle column of the Weekly Audience Perspective really gets into the meat of audience engagement. The first number, total engaged minutes on the first page is actually how we’re ranking the list of 10 referrers. It’s the total number of engaged minutes that all your visitors who came from a specific referrer spent on the first page they landed on.
It’s a great indicator of which of your referrers are sending you traffic that is highly engaged with your content.
For example, throughout the entire week, people who were referred by mobile Facebook spent about 2.3 million minutes engaged with the first page that they landed on.
The number on the right-hand side is the total engaged minutes on all subsequent pages that your visitors went to after landing on their first page. This number correlates strongly with recirculation. You want visitors who are not only interacting with the first page they land on, but also people who are recirculating to and interacting with additional pages.
You can see that people referred by Facebook spent a combined total of almost 43,000 engaged minutes on additional pages. In this case, Facebook is definitely our strongest referrer, ranking number 1 in both metrics.

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