Top Pages

The Top Pages section is the heart of the Dashboard and shows you in real time where all your visitors are, how they’re spending their time on those pages, and your site’s overall performance throughout the day. 
The Concurrents by Traffic Source graphic shows you the total concurrent traffic throughout the day from midnight to midnight. You can also change the Traffic Graph to display the traffic for the past week and the past month. 
The gray line behind the graph shows the traffic pattern from the same day one week ago so you can compare your current performance against yourself, and the blue dots mark any traffic spikes or pickups from significant referrers. 
The Top Pages section shows all active pages on your site right now, ranked by the total number of concurrents on each story so you can instantly see which of your articles is the most popular. You can also sort the list by average engaged time and recirculation so you can see which pages have the highest ranking in those metrics. 

For more context, each Top Story is tagged with its Publish Date, the first date that a given article URL was recorded by Chartbeat, as well as various insight badges, giving you a deeper perspective into how those stories are performing. When you see a good piece simply select it on the list and the Dashboard will focus specifically on that story so you can get the real-time metrics you need to make strategic decisions in the moment.


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