Moving beyond the Real-Time Dashboard

The left-hand nav is your guide to moving beyond the Dashboard to the other products in the Publishing Suite. 
Select Video to launch the Chartbeat Video Dashboard so you can stay on top of how well your video content is performing, how well you’re doing at engaging your audience, and how it fits in with the editorial content your readers know and love.
Click Report Builder to access the product. Advanced Queries is a simple interface built for analysts to go beyond the dashboard and access the raw data that powers Chartbeat in a historical manner. 
If you aren’t set up with the Video Dashboard or Report Builder just reach out to your Account Manager or hit us up at and we’ll help you out. 
Launch the Heads-Up Display to understand your homepage traffic and how well you’re encouraging your visitors to click through to pieces of content.  
The Historical Dashboard will show you much more historical insight on how your content is performing day-to-day and the week-to-week trends in your audience’s behavior.

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