How do I implement the headline testing tool?

Before getting started with Chartbeat's Headline Testing tool, your site must first meet three technical prerequisites: 
  1. Cookies must be enabled.
    Because Headline Testing uses its own dedicated cookie, it is necessary that you have first-party cookies enabled for your site. If you have set the noCookies configuration variable you will not be able to conduct headline tests.
  2. You may not use virtual pages
    We cannot support sites that load articles dynamically. If you are using the Chartbeat pSUPERFLY.virtualPage variable to tell us when a new page has loaded you will not be able to conduct headline tests.
  3. Average peak of 200 concurrents on homepage.
    Average audience size directly relates to how long headline tests take to complete. With a smaller audience size tests will take longer and a higher percentage of tests may not conclude.
If your site meets these requirements then you're ready to get started with the implementation process. There are a couple different implementation options, so check out our Headline Testing Getting Started Guide to see which one is right for you. 

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