Heads Up Display loading issues

To load our Heads Up Display, first try following the steps in our HUD install instruction article. If after following these steps you are (A) unable to load the HUD toolbar upon clicking your 'Activate HUD' bookmark link and refreshing the page, or (B) the HUD toolbar loads but displays a prompt to sign in to your Chartbeat account, follow these troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue.


Step 1

Ensure that you are signed in to your Chartbeat account, that your login has access to the Site in Chartbeat where you are trying to install the HUD, and that traffic data is flowing to the associated Real-Time Dashboard for the same site.


Step 2

If you are using an ad blocker plugin for your browser, try disabling the plugin completely in your browser settings and follow the final HUD installation steps once more to see if your issue is resolved (return to your site's homepage, click the 'Activate HUD' bookmark again, and reload the page). To disable a browser extension in chrome, click the following link: chrome://extensions/

If your issue is resolved by disabling your ad blocker plugin, we'd like to know the incompatible plugin you are using so we can prioritize fixes accordingly. Please let us know at support@chartbeat.com if this step solves your HUD issue, along with the name of the Chrome extension you found to be responsible for the issue.


Step 3

With ad blockers disabled, check your browser settings to ensure that third-party cookies are not being blocked. While our tracking script doesn’t use third-party cookies, the Heads Up Display runs on chartbeat.com which is a third-party domain, so your browser needs to allow third-party cookies for chartbeat.com for the HUD to load. In Chrome, click this link to access your cookie settings and ensure that the "block third-party cookies" setting is toggled OFF: chrome://settings/content/cookies

See instructions for enabling third-party cookies in Safari and Firefox with the links below:


Step 4

If you're still having issues loading the HUD after following the steps above, it's possible that another one of your browser extensions is conflicting with the Heads Up Display. Try signing in to Chartbeat in an incognito window with plugins disabled and loading the HUD in this window. If the HUD loads, it's almost certainly an indication that one of active your browser plugins is interfering when not in incognito. Try disabling all plugins one-by-one, check after each one to see if the HUD loads on your site to identify the incompatible plugin. If you identify an incompatible plugin, please let us know the details at support@chartbeat.com add to our backlog investigating a fix.

It's worth creating a new Chrome profile as well to see if another aspect of your browser settings is in conflict with our HUD code. You can add a new Chrome profile from People > Add Person. 

Still having an issue? Let us know and we'll take a look. 

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