My site’s traffic is over my Chartbeat Publishing Plan

If the number of visitors goes above the number purchased, the Chartbeat Publishing dashboard will only display results up to the amount purchased. For example, if you have purchased tracking for 1,000 simultaneous visitors but traffic suddenly jumps to 1,500, Chartbeat Publishing will only display information for 1,000 people on your site. The extra 500 won't be reported.
There are two options to ensure you see all your site's traffic:
Option 1: If you are consistently hitting your limit, you can easily upgrade your plan to capture the extra users. In any case, shoot us an email at and we'll sort things out.
Option 2: For event-based traffic spikes, we can do burst pricing. Burst pricing resets every 24 hour period and is $5 for every 1000 concurrents you go over your cap. We can do burst pricing either with a limited or unlimited cap. For example, some users have indicated a limit in the past because they had some preset budget and could not go over it others have told us to make the cap unlimited so they could see how high they would go. With either choice we calculate the price to the thousand you went over. So if your cap is 15K and you hit 19,345 we will calculate the pricing to 20,000 or 5k over your cap.
We'll grant you two burst requests per month so choose your time wisely.
To initiate burst pricing, write into We will then place the site in a "burst" state for the length of time the event is taking place. After the burst is over, we will calculate the price and add it to your next month's bill.
The Chartcorps strives to react as timely as possible, the best way you can help is to include the phrase "Burst Pricing" in the subject line of your email. That will trigger one of our alerts so we can help you out as quickly as possible. 

Here are some ways to get in touch.