How do I start (and stop) Replay?

Replay is within the Content View because it encompasses what we feel, and our user research has told us, the most important information that you’ll want to see - traffic changes, specific content spikes, traffic sources anomalies, etc.
While in the Content View (second tab on the left of your dashboard), all you have to do to start Replay is to click and drag your cursor over the time range you want to watch again on the Performance Timeline in the center of your dash. Replay will start instantly. (If you aren’t ready for replay to start, hit the spacebar to pause it until all systems are a go.) To get out of Replay, all you have to do is either hit the ESC key or click the “Now” button in the top Replay bar.
Here is the quick rundown: 
[1] Replay State
Click and drag the area on the graph you would like to replay. After dragging the replay bar will appear.
[2] Play/Pause Button
Clicking anywhere on the red bar will pause of play your dashboard.
[3] Now Button
Returns you to your live data. You can also return to your live data by hitting the ESC key.
There are some keyboard shortcuts that will help with Replay, check 'em out: 
  • ESC - This will exit out of the 7-day replay mode
  • Space Bar - This will pause the Replay
  • Left and Right Arrows - You can use these to skip around in the replay you selected. These keys will only work if you have paused the replay

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