Adding Chartbeat Publishing Code

As the account owner, while signed into your Chartbeat Publishing account, you can generate Chartbeat Publishing code by clicking “Add New Site” on your Dashboard. 
1. Get the Code Type in your site's URL and select "Generate JavaScript". 
This will return two snippets of code already specific to your account. 
Paste in the first snippet just before the </head> tag on each page that you’d like to track. Paste the second snippet into the bottom of your content—right before the </body> tag of each page. If you use a common include or template, enter it there.
2. Test and Activate. Chartbeat Publishing is now on your site and will begin to process and show data in your very own Chartbeat Publishing dashboard. This step just checks to make sure we're receiving pings with all your data. 

There are a couple of other implementations that you might need, depending on how you want to configure sections, authors, titles, and page paths. Head on over to our Chartbeat Publishing Implementation Guide for all the details.

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