Groups: Sections and Authors

For Chartbeat Publishing, you can filter your content by which section it is in, or who is the author. To be able to do this sections and authors variables need to be set properly. For instance, if a page is written by Bob Johnson in the section US Politics, here's what the variables should look like:

_sf_async_config.sections = "US Politics";

_sf_async_config.authors = "Bob Johnson";

A page can be in multiple sections and/or have multiple authors, so each variable takes a comma separated list of values. So if a page is co-written by Megan Summers and Kevin Smith in the sections Fashion and Fashion News, here's that the variables should look like: 

_sf_async_config.sections = "Fashion,Fashion News";

_sf_async_config.authors = "Megan Summers,Kevin Smith";

The sections variable does not need to reflect real sections on the site but should be thought of as groupings of pages that can be filtered on. 

You may manually enter names for these variables on each page, or populate them dynamically so that they are automatically updated. Our suggestion for populating these variables dynamically is to tie them to the custom variable in your CMS which represents your sections or authors. This way can be easily changed and are always up to date.

Check out our Getting Started Guide for more information.

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