Does Chartbeat use cookies?

 vYes, Chartbeat uses four cookies:


_SUPERFLY_nosample is used only if you go over your plan’s traffic limit. At that point, the cookie is set and will disable the beacon from that visitor for one hour.

_chartbeat2 is used to determine whether or not someone has been to a particular site before, and when. This lets us put them in the correct visitor frequency bucket (New, Returning, Loyal).
_chartbeat4 stores the state of the last ping when a page is unloaded. Useful for engaged time and proper ping decay.
_chartbeat5 is used in the Heads Up Display, allowing us to assign traffic to the right link on the page from which someone clicked over.
_cb_svref is a short-lived cookie that has an expiration of 30 minutes that stores the value for unique visitors
_cb is a cookie that stores a visitor's unique identifier for Chartbeat tracking on your site.
_cb_cp briefly stores the Chartbeat unique identifier for a page visit as you navigate from one page to the next.
If you’re in Europe, the EUcookiedirective may affect your use of Chartbeat. We’re in the process of building support for a cookie-free mode of our services. Once available, the “new vs. returning user” data point in your dashboard will not be accurately reported if you choose to give users the ability to opt-in to Chartbeat cookies. We’ll send out an update when a cookie-free mode is available.
Need to prevent cookies? We've got you covered. 

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