What are the badges I see on the Top Pages?

On the Top Pages section in the center of the Dashboard you’ll notice certain marks and badges that give you at-a-glance insight into what kind of page it is, or that something notable is happening.  
  • The colored chevrons on the left-hand side of the list indicate how quickly the article is trending in popularity. Green chevrons mean the article is gaining in popularity and red means that it’s trending down. More chevrons means it’s trending more quickly in whichever direction 
  • The “L” badge marks a landing page- either a homepage or a section front. We treat landing pages differently from article pages. For example the Heads Up Display and the Daily Content Perspective will exclude anything that’s marked as landing page. 
  • The acquiring badge means a higher number than expected of new visitors are interacting with this page- make sure they’re recirculating!
  • The retaining badge means that this piece of content has a higher than expected engaged time and/or recirculation- be sure to promote this to a huge audience!
  • The video icon tells you what percent of concurrents on that story are watching a video on that page.
  • Any social media icons (Facebook, Twitter, Reddit etc.) quickly tell you what percentage of the audience on that page came from that specific social media referrer. 


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