How to use the Big Board

How to get it: After logging into Chartbeat, head to and click on the "Try It" button below the "Big Board". After clicking this, you can select which on of your dashboard you would like to launch and the Big Board will pop up in a separate browser window.



What to do with it: Bringing the Big Board to your newsroom screens adds new dimensions of streamlined data to your workplace and workflow. We're showing you which stories reached the peak of your list of most popular content, determined by the most active visitors currently on these pages.  You're also seeing if your stories are trending upwards or downwards and how these numbers are changing - all updated in real-time of course. This clearly-visualized information sometimes causes writers to stop dead-in-their-tracks in your newsroom, staring curiously at what content is trending and what's old news. Don't worry, they'll resume productivity momentarily.



Speaking of productivity, this can be a good tool to inform and motivate your team. We understand that not everyone on your team is accustomed to being surrounded by data, but the Big Board can be the perfect first impression. Simple visualizations are a great way to inspire your contributors, especially those who are new to understanding the power of real-time data. Even your data veterans will appreciate the friendly competition that the Big Board can create among peers.
Beyond this though, it's showing your most important data for all to see. If an article is suddenly spiking or dropping off in popularity, these are things that you want everyone to understand and act upon. Who knows, maybe even the intern making copies will be the first to point out that a story should be promoted or demoted.
The overall idea is that the Big Board is the essential data that everyone, regardless of their position in the newsroom, needs to see. It works for taking short-term action (promoting/demoting stories) and informing long-term strategy (what content tends to trend upwards upon being published?). It's a big deal to everyone in your organization so we're happy to show it to you in a big way.

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