How to use Real-time Heat Map

How to get it: After logging into Chartbeat, head to and click on the "Try it" button below the "Real-time Heat Map". After clicking this, you can select which one of your dashboards you would like to launch. Once your global map is up and running, you can zoom in on any region, using the +/- signs in the top-left corner. In the bottom-right corner you can change the resolution of your "hotspots".



What to do with it: You may not officially be a meteorologist, but with your real-time heat map, you can certainly feel like one. Feel free to open it on your computer or launch it in the newsroom for all curious bystanders to see. We're visually showing how strong your site's visitors are in areas all over the world. For instance, did you know that your stores are a hot read in this country and that city? Now you can spot the red blips to see just how popular your site is among certain geographic areas. This can be mesmerizing as well as informative if you start to see one region heat up compared to another. Maybe it's time to consider that audience as you promote and curate your content? Have fun and dress appropriately for your site's weather. 

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