The nitty-gritty on Traffic Sources

Where is all your traffic coming from? The Traffic Sources module can show you your site’s breakdown.

We break traffic sources down into 5 different categories:
  • Direct– Visitors who entered your URL. People who knew exactly where they were going, like people who entered directly into their browser. These are people who either have your site memorized or bookmarked.
  • Links – Visitors who came from another site to your site. Under Links, you can see which sites are driving people to yours. You can click on the links sending you traffic so you can see which specific page that website is linking from. Is something interesting happening there? Jump into the conversation!
  • Social – Visitors who came from links through social channels like Facebook, Twitter and or via e-mail. Under Social, you can see which social sites are sending you the most traffic.
  • Search – Visitors from search engines. Under Search Terms, you can see what people are searching that’s bringing them to your pages
  • Internal – Visitors who came from another page on your site and clicked a link to the one they’re on now.
The graphs show you several important pieces of information:
  • The solid colored line shows your traffic right now. If you mouse over this bar, it will tell you the percentage you are over or under from your average traffic for this day and time.
  • The lighter colored line under the traffic sources show you your average traffic for this day and time.
  • The gray bars show the traffic range of peer sites from this day and time.

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