What makes Video Dashboard unique?

Most traditional video analytics services fall into one of three buckets: they’re either event focused, player focused, or technology focused. 
Event focused tools are designed to react to specific user actions- they might tell you when a video has started or finished playing, but nothing about what happened in between.
Player focused models give you information about what happens within the limits of the player itself, but not about the impact the video had on the page or across your site. 
Finally, technology focused tools can be great if you have a strong understanding of technology and a background in video quality and operating performance, but even then it doesn’t give you any insight about the user experience. 
At Chartbeat we wanted to give you the whole story. We built the Video Dashboard so your whole team can understand what video content your audience is engaging with to help you assess your video strategy and measure your own success. 
Like every product in the Chartbeat Publishing suite, the Video Dashboard has a set of real-time insights to provide a clear understanding of what’s resonating with your users, right now.

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