Main Metrics: Video

There are 6 key metrics that you can look at in the Chartbeat Publishing Video Dashboard to help you understand how each of your videos is performing. You’re able to see how your videos are performing together in the site overview section in the dashboard, in addition to deep-dive metrics for specific videos, which you can pivot in in the left hand bar.
  1. Watching Now: The number of people watching your video right now. This metric helps you understand, in real-time, which videos your audience has actually loaded and started watching.
  2. Play Rate: The percentage of visitors who actually played your video.
    When your visitors see an embedded video, are they clicking play? The thumbnail image, the content of the video, and the context of the video embed on the page itself all play a role.
  3. Average Engagement: The percentage of how far through the video people are watching. How much of your video are your visitors actively watching? The longer they’re watching, the better experience they’re having, and the more likely they are to come back to you the next day and the day after that.
  4. Engagement Score: A combination of popularity and engagement that ranks all your videos. Comparing video content can be inaccurate based purely on time or number of watches. Building off our Average Engagement metric, this score helps you easily compare video performance by grouping videos with similar characteristics.
  5. Ad Drop-Off: The number of visitors leaving the video during ad pre-roll.
    Pre-roll ads are great for monetizing content, but are some ads and video content not playing well together? We let you know, in real-time, how many people aren’t getting past the ad.
  6. Video Starts: The total number of times this video has been started since midnight in whatever time zone your Dashboard is set to. Whether you're looking at your site overview or specific videos, you need to know how many times today your videos have been started. Use it as a benchmark to track how well your videos are reaching your audience.


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