Weekly Audience Perspective Deep Dive

What it’s all about

The Weekly Audience Perspective is your best chance to look at audience trends and referrer quality on a week to week basis. With this report, we stop thinking about the performance of individual pieces of content at a given point during the week and more about patterns in audience behavior across the week. 

When using the Weekly Audience Perspective, you should be thinking about three big questions:

  1. How much time are my visitors actively spending with my content?
  2. Which referrers are sending the most valuable traffic to my site? 
  3. And which visitors are most likely to come back? 
And because we want to you be able to compare your progress against yourself, we actually keep these weekly perspective reports so you can go back in time and see how well you’re improving.
What we’re really giving you with the Weekly Audience Perspective is a breakdown of who your most valuable referrers are, so you can make the big decisions about who to really invest your time and resources in. 

Referrers vs. Sections

You can get the audience metrics about your section, total engaged minutes, average visits, average engaged time, and return rate to section. 
We’ll also show you which sections people also engage with so you can get an idea of what common themes your readers are interested in. You might discover sections that are feeding each other traffic so you can easily cross promote your content.

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