Return Rate vs. Return Directly

The right hand column of the Weekly Audience Perspective should get you thinking about audience loyalty. Return Rate tells you out of all the people sent by a particular referrer, what percent of them returned at least once during the rest of the week.
Even better the next number the next metric, Returned Directly tells you of all those people who did return, what percentage of them returned directly to your site, skipping the referrer all together. 
Direct traffic correlates strongly with audience loyalty so if you have a referrer that’s consistently sending you visitors who return directly, you know exactly where your loyal audience is coming from. Pivot on them in the Dashboard and really focus on engaging with them and you’ll bump up that Loyal Audience bucket in no time.  
Every site’s referrers are different, so make sure you’re using your own Weekly Audience Perspective to understand which of your referrers are doing the best at delivering loyal readers to your site. Those should be your go-to referrers when you’re promoting quality content.

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