Top Stories, Top Sections, and Total Engaged Minutes

Top Stories, Top Sections, & Top Authors

The top stories, top sections, and top authors are ranked by total engaged minutes, the total amount of time that visitors spent consuming that content over the course of the entire previous day.


Total Engaged Minutes

We feature total engaged minutes as the main measurement because it highlights your the quality content and the level that your audience consumed the content. Users who read for longer are more likely to click to another page and more likely to come back to your site again, so a high total engaged time number doesn’t just mean that you had a quality audience today — it means you’re more likely to get a quality audience tomorrow.

For the top performing links, we also highlight  users’ average engaged time and peak concurrent visitors.



In the summary section of the report, we feature the maximum number of people on your site during the day, total engagement over the course of the month and new stories published (new URLs we’ve seen with visitors in them for the first time).


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