Main Metrics and Visitor Frequency

The top of the Real-Time Dashboard is where you’ll find the three main metrics that Chartbeat uses to measure your sites' performance. The Active Visits module gives you both a qualitative and qualitative view of how well your site is doing at any given moment. They’ll tell you who’s coming through and what their experience is once they they get to your site. 
Concurrents are the total number of people on your whole site tracked in real-time. Hover over the dial and see contextual information on what we would expect of your performance as compared to this this day at this time in the past, as well as what your highest traffic was in the last 30 days.
Engaged Time is the average quality time a visitor spends interacting with a page on your site, including clicking, scrolling, and keystrokes. This metric is a terrific indicator of the quality of your content from a site-wide perspective, and tells you how well you’re holding your audience’s attention.
Finally, Recirculation is the percentage of visitors who are clicking through from an article page to another page on your site within a single visit. This metric should get you thinking about how well your content is doing at driving readers deeper into your site.
The Visitor Frequency module shows you the breakdown of your visitors based on how regularly they come to your site. 
New Visitors are the people who are on the site for the first time in 30 days and represent the best opportunity to grow your audience. 
Loyal Visitors have visited your site 8 out of 16  days- or about every other day or more. This bucket can give you insight into what content is important to your most regular visitors, and what keeps them coming back again and again.
Everyone else is a Returning Visitor. They have been to your site more than once in the last 30 days, but not with enough regularity to be considered loyal. By focusing your attention on your returning audience, you have the opportunity to think about how you can engage them further and bump them up to your loyal audience.

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