Migrating the Daily Content Perspective

What's happening
The Daily Content Perspective (DCP) is a legacy product that pulls from a different data pipeline than the rest of the Chartbeat suite. Since 2015, we've been planning to sunset the DCP providing we were 1) able to unite all of Chartbeat for Publishing on the same pipeline and 2) able to replace the DCP with something that matched and improved upon its functionality.

Now that Reports are here and our pipeline improvements are in place, it's time.

When's this happening?

  • November 2017: Start begin communicating with users that Reports are coming and the DCP is being sunset, through email, and in-product messaging.
  • December 2017 through January 2018: Launch Reports, convert Daily Content Perspective emails to corresponding Reports, and cease new DCP email generation.
  • January 2018: Leave the DCP UI up for users who need access, then shut it off in late January, 2018.

Why the automatic unsubscribe?

We've chosen to automatically unsubscribing users from the DCP emails and convert them to their equivalent Report because it maintains the value of receiving a daily report of your site and content performance, while transitioning users to the new Reports experience. It prevents two different email reports from Chartbeat from showing up in your inboxes and causing confusion. 

Will there still be access to the DCP UI?

Yes — until late Jan. 2018. Until then, once users log in, they’ll be able to access the DCP UI via the same link they've always used (or through the link at the bottom of the Reports UI).

Here are some ways to get in touch.